Protect What Matters Most.

For centuries, the super wealthy have used trusts to protect their families and legacies—and now you can too.

Do you have an adult child who isn’t so good with money? Or a family member with whom you can’t see eye-to-eye? Do you need to protect someone you love from losing their special needs benefits? Then you may benefit from a Protective Trust, which can shield your family from the ravages of creditors, divorce and poor decisions.  Learn More

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It’s easy—a free 20 minute consultation, either face to face or over the phone, will allow us to determine if a protective trust is right for you and your family.

Secure Your Legacy

You have worked hard to build your wealth, do not fail to take the final step in securing that legacy for your family and the ones you love. A protective trust can be a stand-alone legal document or incorporated into the will or living trust you already have. No two situations are the same and we can build a protective trust to suit your needs and desires.


Protecting Family Wealth for Over Twenty Years!

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Get My Future Right

Don’t Leave Your Hard-Earned Money to Chance or to the Whims of Others

Spendthrift Protection

Protect your beneficiaries from their own extravagance & financial indiscretions.

Stretch out an inheritance to last a lifetime.

Sprinkled Distribution

Creditor Protection

Protect your heirs from the adverse effects of bankruptcy and divorce.

Special Needs Safeguard

Support medical or educational needs without jeopordizing private or public benefits.

Here’s How It Works:

Instead of leaving an inheritance directly to a named beneficiary, you leave your assets to a trust for the benefit of that heir. YOU determine ahead of time how and when that money will be distributed.

This simple, legal instrument gives you control, and gives your family protection.


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